Student Athlete Nutritional Guide

Student Athlete Nutritional Guide


Fueling athletes correctly is instrumental to their success and long term health.  This meal plan includes a guide, recipe, and 3 day meal plan focused on student athletes.

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LA Lakers trainer Gary Vitti says that the staples of Kobe’s diet include pasture based foods like grassfed beef and eggs from free-range chickens. Kobe makes every effort to avoid anything with corn syrup and his carbohydrate consumption has been scaled down to a very moderate level. Focusing on getting traditional fats (avocado, full fat canned coconut milk, butter, sardines, raw dairy, eggs) into his diet and the wrong fats out is of prime importance to Kobe.

Our student athletes train their bodies and their minds on a daily basis. Fueling their brains and their body is essential for long term success and health.