Bone Broth in an Instant

Bone Broth in an Instant

Bone broth in an instant pot has become my favorite way to make delicious and nutritious bone broth!

It took me a few years to jump on the instant pot bandwagon, but now that I am on there is no going back….

The fact that I can make 6 quarts of bone broth in less than 2 hours has convinced me that this I should have jumped on this bandwagon when all the other food bloggers did.

The instant pot has a stainless steel insert, which means no chemical coating leeching in my bone broth. Most crockpots are made of ceramic which means if there is any small imperfection in the insert of the crockpot then lead can leech into the food (yikes! check those crockpots). The instant pot is also super simple to use.

While there are numerous bloggers dedicated to instant pot cooking, I wanted to share my method for making bone broth in an instant pot

Remember - keep it simple, do not get caught up in the noise of broth purest, and enjoy your instant pot broth! No matter what kind of non-toxic vessel your broth is made in you are doing good for your body.

Ali’s Instant Bone Broth

Fill the stainless steel insert with leftover chicken (from a whole roasted chicken) or turkey


Use uncooked chicken/turkey/duck backs, feets, necks, feet


Use roasted or raw beef bones (marrow, soup, femurs, etc)


Use pork bones, mutton bones, venison bones (except spine), wild game


Use any combination of the above!! Seriously, you cannot go wrong with mixing.

After adding the bones to the pot then fill water 1” above the top of the bones

Add in 2T of raw apple cider vinegar (or any vinegar, lemon, or tomato)

Everything else is optional: garlic, sea salt, turmeric, black peppercorn, seaweed

Seal the lid and set on “soup” on “manual” setting for normal pressure at 120 minutes

Let the instant pot slow release

Use a fine mesh strainer and pour broth in 1-2 pots and place in fridge to let it cool. Transfer over to mason jars and enjoy your amazing bone broth!

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