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Sorry, Not Sorry!

Have you noticed how many times a day that we, as women, say “sorry”? Now maybe you are an exception to this, and if that is the case, then I salute you. But listen to other women, listen to yourself, and reflect upon how many times a day there is an insignificant “sorry.”

We say “sorry” when we take too long in the bathroom, “sorry” for our house being a mess, “sorry” we are wearing sweats to the grocery store, “sorry” we did not put makeup on today. Why are we sorry?Are we sorry because we are insecure that people are seeing us makeup free and with elastic waistband pants on? Are we sorry because we were busy raising kids, working, driving, planning, and taking care of ourselves that we did not get around to cleaning our house? That is B.S. We should not be sorry for any of that. Instead, we, as women, need to be secure enough to say, I am balancing a lot and doing an amazing job at it and I am NOT SORRY for the dishes in the sink, or my messy bun because I have not washed my hair in three days……Read More

Escape from the "Clean Plate Club"

The “clean plate club” was the beginning of a campaign in 1917 launched by the United States Congress; Herbert Hoover was the head of this campaign, and his goal was to ration the limited food that Americans had during World War I. The pledge that children learned was: “At table I’ll not leave a scrap of food upon my plate. And I’ll not eat between meals, but for supper time I’ll wait.” His goal was for people to eat less, use less essential ingredients, and to finish their entire meal. By doing this, young children developed the habit of eating everything given to them, thus “cleaning their plate.” …..Read More

Breast Health

Let’s discuss another option besides mammograms…

While in no way am I saying that mammograms have not saved millions of lives, I do feel that is important that we know all of the options available to us. It is key that we are the decision makers for our bodies and our health care options! Read More

Breastfeeding Nutrition

Oh the glorious nutrients that breast milk contains…. it is truly the perfect food for a baby!

Breast milk has all the substance that can give a growing baby immunity to infection and disease, it stimulates important hormonal activities in the mother’s body, and breastfeeding helps mom be protected against future breast cancer and osteoporosis…..Read More