Cha cha Chia...

Let’s talk about chia seeds. Now don’t just think of those chia pets (which happen to make fabulous white elephant gifts).  Think chia seeds and the health benefits of those little black seeds.  Yes, they might be tiny but they are powerful little seeds.

Beat colds and flu naturally

School started a few months ago and with school means bugs, germs, and immune challengers.  One child brings one bug to school, another brings a bug to school, and so on….and these bugs result in sick kids and sick parents.  Parents then pass those bugs out to the office, yoga class, grocery shop, and so on.  Not fun! 

Is your poop ok?

Think of your poo as a periscope into your bodies. On a daily basis we cannot look inside of ourselves to see what is happening with our organs, but its ok because your poo will let you know.  You just have to pay attention to it!

Food Hangovers - stop beating yourself up

Those nights that we go to bed and look down at our stomach and wonder why we look 6 months pregnant (exception if you really are pregnant!) or those mornings we wake up and swear that another chin was added to our face.  It is so easy to beat yourself up and be ticked at your eating habits and then get down on yourself and google "3 day detox" or "quickest way to lose weight".