Food Hangovers - stop beating yourself up

Food Hangovers - stop beating yourself up

I wish there was a catchier name than "food hangover", but that is the best way I can describe that feeling after overindulging in mass quantities of food.  This tends to happen a lot around holidays, birthdays, and emotional periods in our lives.  Food hangovers happen after that second or third serving of pie or the constant week of grazing on brownies, mint cookies, deviled eggs, crackers and dip, and so on...

Those nights that we go to bed and look down at our stomach and wonder why we look 6 months pregnant (exception if you really are pregnant!) or those mornings we wake up and swear that another chin was added to our face.  It is so easy to beat yourself up and be ticked at your eating habits and then get down on yourself and google "3 day detox" or "quickest way to lose weight".

Let me give you some free advice, stop beating yourself up over these indulgent periods.  It is not worth it!  Any negative energy that you are putting into your body is only going to make you and your body feel worse.  Instead, embrace your decisions and love that you took that indulgent time for yourself.  Be appreciative that you were allowed to indulge, that you are in a social or fiscal position that allows these indulgences.  Then be grateful for the fact that you get to move on and you get to slow down and appreciate cleaning your body out.

Need some recovery fuel?

Then let’s fuel you correctly.  Do not starve yourself, do not look for a dramatic detox, instead incorporate these tips into your day.  These are drinks, soups, and ideas to help the body cleanse itself.  Have fun with it, think positive about nourishing yourself!  I will avoid the in-depth reasons for these tips, but if you have any questions please comment below and I will give you more information.

Sipping Cleansing Water

(measurements are flexible)

16 oz filtered water

2 ounces raw apple cider vinegar (I recommend Braggs)

1 tbsp raw local honey, or manuka honey, grade B maple syrup, or coconut nectar)

Half of a large organic lemon or lime

1 tsp sea salt (celtic, himalayan, or a good quality sea salt)

1 tsp organic cinnamon 

Other options to add in: organic tumeric, grated ginger, cayenne pepper

Directions: Shake all of the ingredients in a glass/BPA free plastic jar (I love a large mason jar) and sip throughout the day.

Dandy Detox Water

20 oz filtered water

1/2 tbsp pure unsweetened cranberry juice

1 dandelion tea bag

1/2 organic lemon

Directions: Brew the tea and then cool it.  Mix all the ingredients in a glass/BPA free plastic jar and sip throughout the day.

Tummy Turmeric Tea

Raw Turmeric sliced (appx 3" slice)

Raw Ginger sliced (appx 2" slice)

One lemon slice

Raw local honey (if needed)

Directions: Boil water, then add in turmeric and ginger and let boil for around 10 minutes.  Let it sit until drinkable, take out the floating ginger and turmeric and then add in honey if needed.  Great nighttime drink!

Green Juice

1 peeled orange

1 celery

2 handfuls of spinach

Put all ingredients in a juicer together and drink up!  Could also throw in a high power blender.

Liver Detox Juice

1 medium beet root, peeled (can be rough peeled if organic)

1 organic red apple

2 whole organic carrots

1" ginger

4 stalks celery

Small handful of parsley

Mix all ingredients in a juicer and drink up!

Is your poop ok?

Is your poop ok?