Be friends with food


Ali Anderson, NTP

It is ok to love food. Food is magical. Food is powerful.

Bone broth was a game changer for my health. In 1997 I had reconstructive spinal surgery and have 2 additional spinal surgeries since. In 2013 the docs pushed for additional surgeries because arthritis had taken over....ENTER BONE BROTH!

I declined the surgery, started drink 2-3 cups of broth a day (or cooking with it), cleaned up my diet, and switched around my self care

5 years later the arthritis is barely there and the “grinding” of bones has disappeared. I am pretty sure my skin went back about 5 years and wrinkles lessened and my digestion has never been better

So yes, I love food. I cook an incredible pot of broth, but I also am well stocked with bone broth powder that is FREE of artificial sugars and xanthan gums!!

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